Saturday, June 1, 2013

One Year Under Our Belt

How can Emma be all done with her first year of school already?!? In fact, her last day was the 15th of this month, but I'm just now getting around to this post :) I haven't been too emotionally about it, but I think it helps that she is doing another round of preschool and we have been to crazy to really contemplate the end of Lakeshore Little People. I am so proud of the little girl Emma is growing into every day! She has learned so much in the months she spent with her teachers, not only developmentally and socially, but spiritually as well. I'm amazed at the verses she has memorized as well as all of the 10 Commandments.
Emma ready for her first day back in September
She now has her letters and numbers down too. When she started preschool she could sing her ABC's and almost count to 20, but she didn't have much in the way of number/letter recognition. We had tried to do flashcards and tracing activities at home in the past- I quickly discovered these were things she did not enjoy doing with mommy. Her teachers said she did great for them though and was an eager learner in the classroom.

Every parent/teacher conference provided us with glowing reviews  and the assurance that the little 'tude we often see at home was not present in the classroom. Phew! Her teachers adored her and she makes her mommy and daddy so proud! We've decided to do another round of preschool next year so that she is not starting kindergarten right after her 5th birthday. I'd rather have her on the older end of her class than the younger, especially 13 years from now when she is getting ready to graduate.

A big thanks goes out to her teachers, Miss Cassie and Miss Brittany who welcomed our little girl every Monday and Wednesday with open arms and smiling faces. Thank you for providing a safe environment where Emma felt safe and loved for 2.5 hours while I was able to run a few errands knowing my peanut was in good hands. You've provided a great foundation for the upcoming years for which we are so thankful!

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