Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Slight Risk of April Showers

So my son may not be thrilled one day with this, but I just couldn't resist...

After an hour of 'playing' in his crib today at nap time I suddenly realized there was silence coming from the monitor. I assumed he fell asleep, but figured I better double check to make sure he wasn't getting into any mischief. This is what I found when I entered his room:
I will say I strategically placed his blankie before snapping this shot- not only to censor, but also in hopes to save as much bedding as possible if he got the urge to go while in dream land. You guys, there was no way I was going to risk waking this sleeping babe to put a diaper back on!

I might also add that the temps upstairs have reached an all time high since we moved into our house. It's some where in the mid to upper 80's upstairs- can you really blame the kid for wanting to go commando?!? However, I did add a onesie to his bedtime attire tonight in hopes to keep the diaper in place.

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