Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cell Phone Dump

Right before we left for our camping trip my cell phone died. Completely. Needless to say I was completely unplugged during our get away. I can't complain, it's hung on for almost 4 years of use and abuse and I knew it was going to go soon. Luckily, the folks at Verizon were able to save my pictures for me and I have to share a few. I didn't realize how many were on there! Keep in mind, these are not iPhone quality pics, but there are some precious ones all the same.
Emma rocking in Granny's chair
My little moo-cow
Emma and Papa Spence
Swinging at Timbertown
The 'Big Daddy' chair at Menards
Emma's first time bowling
Emma and Great Grandma Doyle
Emma and Grandma Jen on a picnic at Tunnel Park
My two little loves
Some of Easton's first smiles.
Trying on head gear- such a good sport!
Emma may not have a future as a beautician...
Enjoying Daddy's coffee during church

Emma modeling some hats at the Gap, looking very stylish.
Easton sleeping while the mommies watch 'The Bachelorette' during a camping trip

Easton's first time in the swing outside
Our little 'Wild Child'
Checking out the turtles at the library
Easton's daily morning hair do thanks to syrup
Emma's so excited to announce she's going to have a little sister!
 My handsome young man all ready for a wedding
Playing at Sandyview
 Happy Mother's Day!
Easton likes his new helmet- and may have to wear it all the time to prevent mommy from having a heart attack!
It was so hard to choose a fraction of them to share, but these are a few of my favorites!

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