Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Bathroom Project

Some blame it on pregnancy, others blame it on my OCD tendencies. My to-do list has gotten out of hand these last few weeks as baby day draws closer. One thing that has been driving me crazy is the attic door and wood paneling behind the toilet in our upstairs bath. The trim was never painted in there, so I figured I'd tackled those while I was at it this week.

I didn't like the cracks that were showing in between the pieces of wood so I started by caulking. I have a strange addiction to caulk- once I start I have a hard time stopping. I went through almost an entire tube this week! I also ADD on my project and started touching up paint in almost every room of the house. I digress...

Once the caulk was sanded, I spackled the nail holes in the trim and sanded everything down. I was then able to throw on a few coats of paint. Unfortunately it was so humid upstairs that the process took twice as long since the painters tape wouldn't even stick. Besides the fact that it is quite difficult for a woman who is 9 months pregnant to gain access behind the toilet. There may have been a temporary moment of panic when I thought I was going to have to call Jason and have him come home to recuse me. I still need to replace the knob on the door, but otherwise it's all done!

The end result isn't drastically different, but having all those cracks sealed up makes me feel so much better. Strange, I know. Only 3 more painting projects to go before baby girl makes her appearance!

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