Sunday, July 7, 2013

Visit to Lake 13

I always look forward to our visits up north- some of my favorite memories growing up involve spending time at grandma and grandpa Spence's house. It's so important to me that my kids have that same opportunity. Emma always looks forward to spending time with her 'big' cousins, along with playing in the lake. We did miss seeing Ellie and Abbie this year, but we still had a blast lakeside.

Emma is a total fish, just like her mommy used to be. She would live in the water if we let her! Easton is still not too sure about it, but he loves playing in the sand with the trucks. He also went on his first jet ski ride. The verdict is still out on whether he liked it or not- Jason brought him back to me after the first ride and told me he turned our child into a mute. Easton just sat there. No facial expressions, no sound, just stock still. I think he was zoned due to a missed nap and the wind in his face.
 So precious!
Emma was bummed all her 'big' cousins couldn't be in attendance for the weekend, but she loved hanging out with Courtney, Brittany and their friend Ariel. It was hard to tear her away from them so they could have a moments peace! She did refuse to ride in uncle Mark's boat though, allowing them one escape route. Emma preferred papa Russ' pontoon. Her favorite was to anchor out in the middle where she could jump into the deep water. I was a little afraid of Easton falling over board, but I didn't need to worry. He never left the captain's chair while we were on board.

These poor girls had no peace
He loved to be behind the wheel, but was not impressed with mommy and the camera. Wonder where he got that from?!?
It was another beautiful weekend spent on the lake and we were reluctant to make the trip home. We look forward to visiting again next year as a family of five!

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