Saturday, August 17, 2013

1.5 Years

My sweet little guy is 18 months today. Amazing how fast time flies when you get past the mundane day-to-day and look at the bigger picture! Up until recently, he was my baby. He seemed little still.
You look like a giant next to your sister
You are a very active little man, who loves to run around following in his sister's footsteps. I can always distract you by mentioning that there may be a truck or tractor coming down the road. You will run at top speeds to the nearest window crying out for papa. You love animals, along with anything that has wheels. I fear what the teenage years may bring! There's no doubt your mommy's little man, but you love to spend time with your daddy and imitate whatever he's doing too.

Exploring daddy's tools

On the lookout for tractors and trucks
We're starting to see a little bit of that two year old 'tude shining through now. If you really aren't happy about something you're sure to let us know. Typically by sticking your tongue out and blowing raspberries as you turn and high tail it in the other direction. That's your usual response to the words 'nap' and 'no'. Right before Elissa was born I pushed you towards just taking one nap a day instead of two. You currently sleep from 8/8:30 to 7/7:30 and then take a 2.5-3 hour nap in the afternoon. Most days you don't put up too much of a fuss to go down unless you are overtired... then it gets a little tricky.

Food for you is a hit or miss most days. Some times you'll gobble something down and two days later you won't touch the exact same thing. Life of a toddler I guess! We can always count on you eating your condiments though :) If there is ranch in sight you want it. Which doesn't mean you'll eat what you're dipping necessarily. The food is simply used as a means to get the ranch in your mouth. Unless you have a spoon, then you'll forgo the food altogether.
 Who needs a hot dog when you can just have carbs?!?

We took a mini-vacay from cloth once your baby sister joined the family. This made life easier for grandma and eventually mommy, but also gave you time to heal from all the darn diaper rashes we've been battling. You wear a 4 in sposies and your cloth are now all on the largest setting. We've moved to 18 month clothing for the most part, but there are still some 12 month shorts in your drawer as well.
I feel like your vocabulary is taking off. Not everyone can understand you, but your family can most of the time. Some of the words you know- please, night-night, bye-bye, hello, thank you, more, snack, rock, sissy, Emma, mommy, daddy, papa, grandma, baby, truck, tractor, and flashcards. You're daddy and sister are silly and yell 'flashcards' at each other all the time. Mommy doesn't get their joke (and I'm not sure they do either!) but you have quickly joined in on their fun. You've also picked up sign language for 'more', 'please', 'milk' and 'eat'.
Easton, you bring so much sunshine to our days! You are such a silly, spunky boy who loves to laugh. I was very worried about how you would adjust to having to share mommy with another sister, but you are the sweetest big brother around. If Elissa could live off kisses she would have no trouble surviving around here. We love you more than words can say sweet boy!

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