Friday, August 30, 2013

She is FIVE!

We were blessed with a sweet, spunky, fun loving little girl 5 years ago today. I still don't feel that it is possible to have a five year old in our house!

There have been some rough patches in the past year as you start to navigate independence. While we don't want to squelch that independent streak, we have to find the fine line between following the rules and finding your own way. We are also working on learning to express emotions verbally instead of physically which is proving to be a challenge...
She is going to be mad at me someday for this :)

You are a pretty good eater overall. Sometimes it takes a bit of cajoling to try new foods, but I can usually get you to try something at least once. Meal times can be pretty drawn out if you get distracted or you don't want to eat what's been served. You love most fruit and veggies along with any dairy product- especially ice cream :)
Or any sweet for that matter!

Sleep can be a challenge for you. Mommy tries hard to get you in bed by 8:30 and you are typically up right after daddy around 7:00. You are still required to take a rest which usually means you have quiet time in your room with books while your brother naps. Some days you fall asleep, but it's not often anymore. You've also become worried about things (snakes, thieves, lions, and Satan are just a few you mention during bedtime prayers) at night and have taken to sleeping underneath your pillow.

Currently you spend most of your time playing with your dolls and tend to mimic many things you see mommy do with Elissa. You love your brother and sister to pieces, as long as it doesn't mean you're lacking for attention. Most of the time you play well with Easton and are super gentle with Elissa. Some times you make an exception and race a truck or tractor around the house with your brother. You have an awesome imagination! You love to be outside, especially if you can follow daddy around. A daddy's girl for sure!
Purple is your favorite color with pink coming in at a close second. You love to watch tv- we don't have it on much so you love to watch anything that's on. 'Tinkerbell' and 'Tangled' are probably your favs and you can't wait to go to Disney some day to meet them.

This spring you completed your first year of preschool at Lakeshore Little People. You have learned so much this past year! You now recognize all of your numbers and letters, you know your address and phone number and are able to recite many Bible verses. It was a great year of learning as well as getting in some play time with your buddy Weston.
Emma and her teacher Miss Cassie on the last day of school

Mommy and daddy decided to have you complete one more year of preschool before heading off to kindergarten. All day every day seems like a lot for a little person, plus mommy would rather you be 18 when you graduate as apposed to 17... We're super excited about the program you'll be starting in a few weeks- more on that later.

We are so proud of the young lady you are becoming. You are so generous and caring- most days you love to lend mommy a helping hand around the house and play with your little brother. Hours are spent in the office also, making cards and pictures for others. You love to strike up a conversation- you start off shy sometimes, but once you start talking there's no stopping you!

We know God has an awesome plan for your life and mommy and daddy hope we continue to help you foster your love for Jesus. May His light shine through you!

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