Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beach Trip

We finally made it to the beach this weekend for the first time all summer- how depressing is that? When you only live 20 minutes from an amazing body of water you try to go as much as possible. However, with two little people and an enormous belly combined with either sweltering temps or below average temps made it less than appealing this year.

This evening it was a little too cool to dip our toes in the water, but it was fabulous for walking the pier, boat-watch along the channel and take a turn on the swings. I think the kiddos will sleep good tonight :) Elissa managed to snooze through her first beach experience. I'm sure she'll appreciate the sun and sand more next year.

It was an amazing night for family time and to appreciate the beauty God has graced us with. Not only the scenery around us, but those closest to us was well.

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