Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Month, Where Have You Gone?!?

Our sweet pea is one month old today! So hard to believe, yet she fits so well into our family it's hard to remember our lives without her.

This last week hasn't been quite chaotic, but not very exciting so I don't have too many pictures to share. We are celebrating your big sister's fifth birthday this weekend so that has kept mommy busy cleaning and prepping for the big party. Last Sunday we did get a chance to hang at the pool by Sandy Pines, but you slept through the whole thing.

We also still have no schedule- some days you are very laid back and then other days you are very high strung. The reflux is definitely kicking it into high gear so I think some days you are just down right uncomfortable :( We currently average 12-14 nursing sessions in a day.
Your headbands finally fit your little noggin'!

You are much more alert when you are awake and like to just sit back and take in your surroundings. No smiles from you quite yet, but you will imitate and stick out your tongue :) Tummy time is tolerated in spurts and you are a champ at holding your head up.

Also, thanks to our good friend DeAnna we are now using cloth! I couldn't justify spending the money on newborn size diapers for our last kiddo and you are still too tiny for our adjustable ones. I planned on using sposies until you were out of newborn diapers. When DeAnna offered to let me borrow hers I was thrilled. So thankful!

From here on out I'll be posting monthly updates- babies change so much in the first month I felt the need to document each week in the beginning.

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