Thursday, August 22, 2013

Three Weeks

You're three weeks old Elissa Joy! We have had another busy, busy week, but mommy wasn't as good at documenting it in pictures this time around.

Most days you go with the flow. We have had a few rough patches lately. It seems as though you may have reflux just like your siblings. Some days are great, but then other days you seem so uncomfortable it breaks your mommy's heart! The doctor did prescribe you some meds that we may try in the future if we continue to have issues. You are content to be held and the Moby and Maya wrap have gotten a lot of use already!

We had our family photos this past weekend. You did great for the first half, but by time we moved outdoors you were pretty sick of it. I think we got some keepers though! Mommy even painted your piggy toes pink for the special occasion.

This week we also made it to several outdoor play dates. It's awesome to have so many mommy friends who have little ones your age. I look forward to watching the friendships grow between the kiddos over the years. We also found out today that mommy's cousin Lindsey is having a girl in January. Mommy and Linds were very close growing up and I pray you can have that kind of relationship with her little one some day.

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