Thursday, August 15, 2013

Two Weeks

We've got two weeks in already and I feel like everyone is adjusting quite well- phew! It helps that we had Grandma here for most of it.

There is currently no schedule for our little 'sweetie petey' as Emma calls miss Elissa and I don't really expect to have one for a while. Many hours are simply spent sleeping or eating at this point, but the last week did consists of lots of 'firsts' for our little lady. You also made it back to birth weight at your two week check up, hooray!

-We went to a kid's concert in Kollens Park and enjoyed some time outdoors.
 Enjoying some fresh air
Grandma and the kiddos rolling down the hill

-Elissa's umbilical cord fell off so she had her first bath. Verdict is still out on whether she really enjoyed it or not!

-After Grandma headed home I ventured outdoors with all 3 kiddos by myself. It may not sound like much, but this was a huge feat for us!
 It was abnormally cool for August so we had to bundle up a bit!
Emma and Easton played so well together, they made their mommy proud
-She had a snooze on the couch with daddy, a ritual all 3 kiddos have now participated in at a very young age.

-Elissa met her great grandparents along with my aunt and cousin. It was wonderful to see all of them!

Wow, what a busy week it's been! With 3 little ones, it looks like we may continue this pace for a while :)

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