Thursday, August 8, 2013

Whew, What a Week!

Miss Elissa has been on the outside for a whole week now and we are all making adjustments at our house. Less attention, less sleep, less of a schedule, but a lot more love! She has fit right into the family like a missing puzzle piece and we can hardly remember life without her. At this point she is very mild mannered and is able to ignore all the chaos in our house.
Emma and Easton have acclimated to their new sister surprisingly well. Emma can hardly get enough of her. She loves to hold the baby and help mommy with anything that might involve our sweet bundle. Easton is enthralled with Elissa and loves to shower her with kisses as well. I wish I could be faster with the camera to capture these sweet moments!
We are all smitten with you little lady and can't wait to watch you grow and develop into your own little person. Mommy just prays it goes slowly- I'm not ready for this baby phase to fly by!

First night I her bassinet, already telling mommy, "Enough with that camera lady!" Yep, I think she's going to fit in just fine around here :)

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