Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A {Zoo} Outing

We were able to get out yesterday and enjoy a trip to the zoo with our good friends DeAnna and her kiddos. The weather was perfect, the crowd was minimal and everyone was in good spirits. I realized we haven't been to John Ball since 2009, so we were long over due for a visit.
How cute are these two?!?
I was worried how Easton would fair in the stroller, but he was pretty satisfied to sit and take in the sights. Elissa slept through most of it of course :) Emma and William kept busy, running from one exhibit to the next.
 Checking out the fish and penguins
 Easton wanted a better look
 The littlest peanuts were content in their car seats
 One big bear!

So glad DeAnna invited us to do this- we'll have to do it again soon! The kids wore themselves out and it was a peaceful car ride afterwards.

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