Monday, October 14, 2013

Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park

We took the kids to Alto this past Sunday to check this place out. What an awesome place so close to home! I definitely plan to go back. They recently expanded and now have a mom and baby giraffe. How many people can say they have fed one?

You can buy crackers and lettuce leaves to feed giraffes, water buffalo, and zebra. There's other food for the alligators. And you can get bird seed on a stick to take into the aviary and feed the birds. Never mind that Emma was petrified when a bird would land on her and Easton kept busy trying to stomp on any within range.
There is a bus that takes you on safari as well where you can see ostrich, bison, wildebeest and lots of other animals you don't typically see at the zoo. Of course, we go had to spend a few minutes at the sand box as well. Can't forget to spend some time getting dirty when you paid a bunch of money to see all the cool animals :) It's all about the simple things...

What a great way to spend a fall Sunday afternoon!

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