Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sick Buddy

Poor little man has a double ear infection again! Tis the season, oh how I miss the warm weather already. Easton has always battled with this. He got his first one when he was less than a month old. On Wednesday morning he seemed normal, but my afternoon he just wasn't acting himself. Clingy. Whiney. Inconsolable.

I finally put him in my Ergo so I could make the big kids lunch and he promptly fell asleep. This sent up a red flag. Then I had to get him out about 20 minutes later when Elissa was ready to eat. I settled him on the couch with a show and when I looked back at him 2 minutes later he was asleep again. So not like him.

I finally called the doctor and they said they could squeeze us in a little later in the afternoon. Easton would wake up, cry, move to a new location and fall back to sleep. I am glad I listened to my mommy instincts- the doctor said his ears were really ugly. Like a 10 on a pain scale from 1-10. Poor buddy! Thankfully we were able to get him going on antibiotics and he is a new boy today. Praise God for doctors who can help relive pain and administer medicine to heal our little man!

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