Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trick or Treating Take 1

We typically only Trick or Treat one time. That being said, this was an unusual year.

My mom has always wanted to take the munchkins out, but the holiday tends to land during the middle of the week which isn't conducive to a 2.5 hour drive one way. However, there is a state campground around the corner from them that does two weekends of fall festivities including trick or treating.

So Friday night I loaded up the van and made our first maiden voyage east with Elissa. It went relatively well overall. I was more nervous about the late drive home Saturday with two kiddos jacked up on sugar and low on sleep. Some how that's what happens when we visit grandma...

After a crazed rush to get 6 kids in costume, vans loaded, unloaded, the remainder of costumes put on and pictures taken we had less than an hour to hit the trails.
 Strawberry Shortcake and her strawberry
 Strawberry Shortcake's dog Pupcake
Scissors, paper and rock
It wasn't too cold out and we didn't have a ton of time. We only lost one child ad mom during the whole ordeal :) I said it was a success!

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