Sunday, November 17, 2013

Barnum & Baileys

This weekend I took the kids to my moms so we could go see the circus. I kept our outing a secret from Emma to avoid her asking about it every 5 minutes. Plus surprises are always fun.

My brothers have never been to the circus either, so it was a first for them too.

Emma never took her eyes off the show. Unless it involved food. She was very concerned whether she would get to devour some over priced processed sugar. Papa Joe came to the rescue and bought her a giant snow cone. Grandma Jen couldn't be out done and proceeded to purchase a large bag of cotton candy to compliment her drink. We only had to drive three hours home later that night.

Easton was entranced. When he was awake that is. After the first half hour he decided to take a quick cat nap. The smell of popcorn and nachos brought him out of a slumber at the intermission and he was able to partake in the sugar consumption as well.

Elissa watched a little, ate a little, slept a little. She was very content throughout in the Moby.

What a fun afternoon, so glad we were able to make those memories!

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