Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

Our Christmas Day was busy as usual. We spent the morning opening presents with my mom, step dad and brothers. It gets a little crazy with all 10 of us! I apologize in advance for the photo quality- my camera battery was dead and the ipad does not take good pics when the light is poor.

Emma loves her new baby carrier
After we cleaned up, packed the car and had a big brunch we headed to my dad's to do Christmas with him. He didn't have power, but he has a generator to run most of his house.

Once we opened presents and had some sandwiches, we had to pack up and head home since Jason had to work the next day.
 Easton was spoiled this year!

Emma was too- she got the snowmobile in the background
Whew, it has been so busy this year! Our plans weren't much different from years past, but I think the 3 kiddos (two of them being under 2) makes things feel a little more chaotic. So grateful we were able to celebrate with all of our families the past few weeks!

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