Wednesday, January 1, 2014

5 months

Geez, 5 months! Where is time going?!?
You are growing up right before our eyes princess!
This past month was mostly spent preparing for Christmas and attending parties. You have logged many hours in your car seat as mommy tried to get her shopping done. And you were such a trooper about it! Many family members were able to meet you for the first time over the holidays too.

Due to all the craziness, it feels like we've completely lost your schedule some where along the way. The good news is you seem to be flexible about when and where you take naps. The bad news is I think it's going to take a lot of work to get back on track.
Your cloth diapers are still on the lowest rise setting and you fit a size 2 when we use disposables. I have finally caved and put most of your 3 month clothing away- the pants were just getting too short! So you are currently wearing mostly 3-6 month except for sleepers. Those are 6 month because we don't have any warm ones in 3-6. You swim in them!
The past month has finally brought giggles from our girl and I can't get enough! They are so sweet. Hearing that sound would put a smile on anyone's face. You have also become very vocal and show a lot of expression. I think next on your agenda is sitting. You do a great job when assisted so it won't be long now.
Trying to cherish everyday with you!

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