Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Florida Part 1

Well, we made it! The flight here was the longest.one.ever. Or so it seemed for this achy, flu ridden mama. I've never been more thankful to get off a plane! The kids did awesome though, I'm so proud of them. I'm also thankful for my supportive hubby who took care of the older two while I rode it silent misery.

Of course once we gathered our luggage and started looking for our rental car company, we discovered that they are the furthest from the airport. Lugging two large suitcases, a stroller, two car seats, a booster seat and three kiddos a mile on foot was quite a task! So was navigating the roads once we were all strapped in and headed to our hotel. The roads in Florida are crazy, as well as the drivers.

We checked into our hotel, unpacked a few things and headed out to get dinner and some groceries for our stay. With all the kids and the hubby along we spent almost two weeks worth of groceries on snacky food! Then we headed back to the hotel for an early bed time. Everyone needed a good nights sleep after the last two days.
Elissa getting a head start on technology
Monday was beautiful out, mid 70's and sunny. We decided to head to the beach to walk around. First we went to Daytona Beach where we had lunch and walked along the water. I goofed and didn't pack the kids extra clothes. We've never spent a day by the water and not gone home with soaking wet kids. Emma and Easton might as well gone swimming by the time they were done splashing in the waves.
Not sure about the ocean

Before we left we decided to ride a few rides on the pier by the water. Jason really wanted to take Emma on this little roller coaster. Let's just say it may be a long time before she can be convinced to ride another one. I think her screams could be heard for miles! Then we all climbed onto the ferris wheel for a better view of the beach. We took the scenic ride home so we could see Cocoa Beach as well and stop for some ice cream.

When we got back to the hotel we all took a dip in the pool before settling in for the night. No one put up much of a fight, I think everyone was exhausted! We had big plans for the next day so I was grateful we were able to get a good nights sleep.
Ready to hit the pool
Tuesday morning we got up and ready to head to Sea World. The weather was beautiful and spirits were high. We were able to see several shows, Jason got to ride a few roller coasters and everyone had a great time.  Except when we were in line for the last ride of the day. I had been carrying Elissa all day in my Moby. Jason offered to take her for a little bit. Not long after I handed her over he noticed his hand was getting wet. Needless to say she had an epic blowout. I had to change her on the ground while we waited to ride and do my best to clean off Jason's shirt and shorts with our limited wipe supply. He was not happy, but it was hard not to giggle.

Checking out the new penguin exhibit

Dolphin show

Elissa loved Sea World
The next few days forecast rain so we are hoping to hit up a few indoor attractions while we wait for the sun to return Friday and Saturday. So thankful for this opportunity to get away, be unplugged and spend time as a family of five!

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