Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two More Sweet Blessings!

In the past week and a half we have welcome two little girls into our extended family!

My cousin Lindsey gave birth to sweet baby Hadley last week. The kiddos and I were able to make the trip to Lansing to welcome her into the world. So thankful to be able to cuddle that little bundle! She is just perfect.

Then earlier this week my dear friend Lyndsey had her forth baby, Miss Molly. Another perfect addition to the family! She is too precious. The whole family made an evening visit to the hospital to snuggle another sweet babe.

Praising God for two wonderful healthy girls and the chance to be a part of their lives! I pray that miss Elissa is able to find awesome friendships with these girls as they grow, just as I have been blessed to have with their mommies.

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