Saturday, February 1, 2014

6 Months

Half a year baby girl, the time just continues to fly by!
The past month has been busy. We had our final Christmas party (which I failed to take pictures of) had a few amazingly snowy days and took a family trip to Florida. I was nervous how you'd do for your first airplane ride, but as usual you did awesome! As soon as we got home I had to move your car seat straps from the smallest setting to the middle setting. Made this mama get a little misty eyed...
Your schedule continues to be all over the place, but I hope to get it nailed back down when we get home from vacation. We've been busy running around to be sure you have clothes for the warmer weather we hoped to have on vacay and lots of other activites have kept us very busy. Plus you didn't have any nap schedule while we were gone. You basically had to sneak in a nap where ever you could.
Most of your diapers are still on the smallest setting with the exception of our Thursties size ones which are on the largest setting. You wore size 2 sposies while we were on vacation. Most of your 3-6 month clothes have been put away because the pants are now floods on you. You still wear the few 3-6 month sleepers we have along with the 6 month ones. It's nice to have a change in wardrobe again, although I'm sad to put away the clothes for the last time. At least we are able to pass on most of them to baby Molly so we will see them again!

You continue to take in the world around you. Anyone who is willing to take the time to say hello to you will be graced with your sweet smile. You are such a good natured baby. In the next few days I hope to start introducing solid foods, another big step for our sweet girl. Still not sitting up, but a lot of that could be due to the fact that you don't get a ton of free time on the floor. Mommy prefers to keep you in the swing, bouncer or exersaucer so you don't get trampled by your siblings.

So blessed to watch you grow precious babe!

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