Thursday, February 20, 2014

Easton's Second Birthday

Last Sunday we celebrated Easton's second birthday with our family. I was originally thinking of doing a John Deere theme, but decided that I would pick something fun and different because he still doesn't care what we do. Pretty soon I won't have a say :)
I mustache (must ask) you to a birthday party

 I went super simple for food again and ordered subs from the Wal-Mart deli. They were reasonably priced and tasted great. With the baptism and party back-to-back I needed something easy.

 Opening his new Cars backpack from Grandma Jen and Papa Joe
 His new hat that will fit him for many years to come :)
 We got him a helmet and a new scooter.
 Papa Spence got him a new pedal bike.
 Getting ready to cut the cake. Easton may be traumatized for life because he got too close to the cake when he was getting ready to blow out the candles. Now every time we sing the happy birthday song to him, he touches his lips and says, "Hot?".
Emma sporting a chocolate mustache.
We had such a great time! Can't believe you are two years old sweet, sweet boy!

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