Sunday, February 16, 2014

Elissa's Baptism

Today we gathered with family and friends at our church to have Elissa baptized. The service was different from both of the ones we experienced with our other children. Some aspects were nice, but a few of the changes I didn't care for. Like standing on the stage for 15 minutes with all our kiddos while they baptized multiple kids. Have they not met my children?!? Asking them to stand quietly on stage for any given amount of time is preposterous.
Amazingly enough, Emma and Easton did great. Elissa struggled the most because she needed a nap. Then ask everyone to take family photos- as you can tell many were not a fan. These are the only shots I have, hopefully someone else in the family got better ones!

Afterwards we had everyone over to our house to celebrate her baptism along with Easton's second birthday (more to come on that in a later post). We are so grateful for a supportive family! Thank you to everyone who made the trek to be a part of this special day and the thoughts and prayers sent from those who were unable to join us.

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