Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Easton's First 'Real' Owie

So I've been told boys can get crazy. Expect lots of bumps and bruises. Truthfully, that's already been the case for miss Emma. I'm not ready for hospital visits though. Or stitches. Broken bones, no thanks.

Looking back on last night, I realize it wasn't that bad. Bedtime is always chaotic, I was frazzled and the blood made me panic. Easton and Emma were playing in his room while I put Elissa to bed. He jumped on to his bean bag and missed. The corner of a shelf made contact with his head though.

Emma came into my room to tell me he hit his head and he wasn't far behind. I won't lie, the sight of blood dripping done his forehead made my heart stop momentarily.
Of course Jason was working and all I had are dollar store band aides in the house (the ones I don't mind handing out for the owie that's barely there). I loaded up all the kiddos at 8:00 at night and headed to the Food Center for bandages. We must have looked like quite the sight- everyone in jammies, I was frazzled and Easton and I both had blood all over us.
Easton wasn't too fazed by his boo-boo by the time we got home. I patched it up and put him to bed without a hitch. I did go back in several times throughout the night to check on him. I think the ordeal got me worked up more than him. The main reason I wanted special band aides was to minimize scarring. He ended up with a small scar on his forehead and is none the worse for the wear.

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