Thursday, May 1, 2014

9 Months

Phew, last month was a crazy one! We took a big road trip with Grandma Jen and Papa Joe, you celebrated your first Easter and you have finally mastered sitting for extended periods of time. I'm finally confident enough in your abilities to let you sit in the bath, but I have to wrap a towel around you because you are still so tiny in it!
We had a great time in Tennessee over spring break. You were a great little road warrior, mommy is so proud of you.
You got to meet the Easter Bunny at Tip Toes last week. Everything was fine until you looked at his face.

You are still mostly in 6 month clothing- most of the 9 month is summer and we are still waiting for warm weather in Michigan. The items that we do have for higher temps are still quite big on you. You currently weigh 15 lbs 11 oz and are in the 9%. Diapers are still on the mid-rise setting and we are using size 3 disposables at night.

Eating and sleeping schedule hasn't changed much from last month. You have now mastered getting smaller food items into your mouth which has offed more possibilities to try. If you are going to eat baby food with a meal I have to give that to you first. Once you have a taste of whatever we are eating you want nothing to do with puréed stuff.

In addition to sitting, you have started to roll around on the floor. I'll put you down in one place only to find you some where else a few minutes later. I'm not ready for you to be on the move!

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