Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Road Trip

My dear cousin planned to take a road trip to visit our grandparents in Arkansas for Memorial Day weekend. She threw out the possibility of us joining her during our family garage sale a few weeks back (not sure if she regrets that!). While the kids and I have spent a lot of time on the road the past few months, I could hardly pass up the chance to go. As teenagers we used to visit our grandparents when they lived in Cali during the summer and we always had a blast. As we've gotten older it has been harder to have that time together. What better way to get quality time than a road trip?!? Plus, 4 kids 5 and under in a minivan for 12-14 hours. Who wouldn't enjoy that!
This is just the stuff for my three kiddos, yikes! Not sure how we fit it all in our minivan, thank goodness for stow-n-go.
Elissa and Haddie, 4 months apart
It all went very well. We left late Thursday night and arrived at their house before lunch time. It was a fabulous visit. There were no schedules. No plans. Just lots of time together.

The kiddos bonded, the adults conversed and played with the littles. My 78 year old grandpa played like the kid he still is. Some of my favorite memories were made with my grandparents, I love that my kids are getting a chance to make their own with them! The memories that were made in the short time we were there will be cherished forever. So thankful my cousin asked us to go!

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