Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tulip Time '14

We have headed downtown a few times now to sneak in some junk food and check out the sights. It's so cold though! We had to really bundle up this year at the beginning of the week.

 The kids enjoyed their monster size corn dogs!

On Wednesday it was cool and rainy so we just stopped at a road side vendor to grab and elephant ear to take home. We had to celebrate an awesome conference at preschool! Really, I'll use any excuse to eat fair food.
Today it warmed up and we were able to hit up a parade with some friends. The kids did really well, even though it was pretty hot out.

We picked up snow cones before we left to help cool off.
I still need to capture our yearly pics of the kids in their Dutch gear, but I'm thinking I may wait until after the tourists head home...

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