Friday, June 27, 2014

Hungry Horse {2014}

We had a blast on our first camping trip of the season this past week. There were four families consisting of 15 kids ages ranging from 8 years to 6 months.

Elissa did great on her first trip. I was a little concerned how everyone would do sleeping in the same space, but they did fairly well.
Turns out when she is really tired she will sleep anywhere!

She enjoyed her first Red Vine courtesy of aunt Lynds. It was a hit!

When we are camping Emma loves to get dirty. Clearly the proof is in the picture:

Easton doesn't mind being filthy either.
He also loved the small kiddie pool. I wasn't sure if he really likes the water, but I discovered he just wants to be able to touch and have some freedom.
Elissa didn't swim much, but she was happy to hang pool side with mommy and daddy.

Here is the entire crew minus miss Molly who was napping. It's impossible to get evyone to smile and look at the camera at the same time!

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