Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Visit to the Lake

The kiddos and I headed to my mom's for a few days at the lake this week. Easton is in all his glory at grandma's with all the boys to play with.
Sometimes I'm not sure who enjoys the toys more :D

He is also working on his hockey-basketball game, silly kid.

Emma was able to go to work with grandma a few times and be spoiled a little bit. She loves having coffee and giant chocolate chip muffins while grandma was busy. I think there was also a fair amount of singing to the 'Frozen' soundtrack going on as well.

I enjoyed some quiet time on the porch while kiddos napped.

It wasn't warm enough to spend much time on the water, but we were able to get in a boat ride in too.

Loved being able to visit, hope we get to make another trip back before summer is over!

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