Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pier Cove

Knowing full well that these beautiful summer days are fleeting, we made plans with our neighbors and besties to hit the beach yesterday. It was predicted to be uncomfortably warm so what better way to spend the day? There is a nice beach in Saugatuck with a creek that runs through the sand to the big lake. Perfect for big and littles a like.

After a minor encounter with a man in an RV who was taking up 3 of the ten allotted parking spots for the beach, all 7 children were unloaded and ready to hit the water. Can I just say, it takes a lot of stuff to have a successful day at the beach with so many kids in tow?!?

The sun stayed behind the clouds for the majority of the afternoon. The children had a blast running from lake to stream and back again. The youngest kiddos were able to happily crawl around and splash. The big kids made rock sculptures, floated on giant logs and ran amuck. They were able to keep their adventures going for over four hours while the moms were able to bond.


Love these perfect days with such great company! I am not ready for miss Emma to head off to school next week.
This boy played hard!

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Lyndsey said...

One of my favorite summer days!