Friday, August 1, 2014

OnE YeAr Old!!!

 Happy, happy birthday little beauty girl! I swear, I blinked and you have grown out of babyhood and into toddlerhood.
In the last few weeks you have grown by leaps and bounds, hitting several milestones. We came home from a camping trip and within two days you were crawling all over the house. Three teeth came in, one of them being a one year molar. You've started to use a sippy cup as well. It's moving so fast all of a sudden!
You still wear a lot of 6, 6-9 and 9 month clothes, but I have pulled out some of your 12 month clothes as well. Emma had a fair amount of 12 month summer stuff so I wanted to be sure you got to wear some of it too. Although at the rate you are growing I think a lot of it will still fit next summer! You weighed in at a whopping 16 pounds 7 ounces. Cloth diapers and disposable sizes have remained unchanged.
Mommy finally broke down and cut out your night time feeding. It seemed like more of a comfort thing than a nutritional need. After two short nights it was over. I kind of miss the night time cuddles, but it feels amazing to get over 6 hours of sleep straight in one sitting! You take two naps, but the longevity of the morning nap can be hit or miss since we are often away from home during that time. You continue to eat table food well. I can't say you have a favorite food though. One day you will love a food and two days later you won't touch it.
You love your sister and brother and try to mimic them every chance you get. Mommy can settle you down quickly at bed time by singing 'Jet Plane' along with your pacifier and woobie. You only use a paci in bed and even that dependency is seeming to fade a bit. You've mastered peek-a-boo and love to play with anyone who is willing to participate. Overall you are a very content, laid back little girl, but you don't like to let mommy out of your sight.
We love you so much baby girl and can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

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