Monday, September 1, 2014

Birthday Weekend

We were able to spend a lot of the weekend celebrating our oldest love. Since we knew we wanted to attend church Saturday evening, we let Emma pick her birthday dinner a day early on Friday. In the past she has picked McDonalds, but she is moving on up these days and choose Chuck E. Cheese's. It was actually pretty quiet for a weekend night. The kiddos has a blast.

 Daddy couldn't wait until Saturday to give Emma the gift he bought her so she opened her hats from him as soon as we got home.
They were a little big, so they ran to Fillmore Saturday morning to exchange them. She ended up with a ball cap and lunchbox. We also had a pancake and egg feast for her birthday breakfast complete with chocolate syrup and cool whip.
We usually head to DeAnna's Playhouse to celebrate, but we had to find a new activity this year since it has closed. A new splash pad opened in Zeeland that we have been wanting to check out so the kids and I headed there for the afternoon.

After church, we had dinner and she opted to open the presents from us.

We finally got her a real helmet to go with the quad daddy bought her last year. As she grows, she is getting more confident on it which makes her mama nervous. Glad she will have a well protected noggin now!

Sunday was her big party with out family. Frozen theme of course.
 Kristoff's Ice Blocks and Olaf's Summer Salad, complete with a Sven Fruit Bowl
 Royal Rolls because 'we finish each other's sandwiches'

 Sven's Snacks
 Easton and Elissa were more than happy to test out Emma's new gifts for her :)

 After the celebration was over and people started to head home we took Emma's new ball out side to test out. I think she likes it!

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