Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Only a Month Behind

August was such a crazy month with summer coming to a close and the girl's birthday parties. Trying to soak up every last minute of sun. In the process I got behind on the blog. Again. Typically I have several in various stages of being done, but I can't complete them on the iPad. It doesn't get along with blogger for whatever reason. That's why the posts seem to come in waves. When I find time to sit at my desk, I add the finishing touches on multiple posts and crank them out. Sorry for the unpredictability around here, but that's life huh? Needless to say I missed out on an important post.

Easton, as of August 17th, you are 2.5 years old buddy! These days you love to play with anything on wheels, but tend to favor your combine and 'monster jam'. Your crib is starting to look like your sister's bed, bursting at the seams with stuff. Out of all your stuffed animals you have a few favorites: your cow, blue teddy bear, black bear and giant monkey. You have boundless amounts of energy and love to be outside whenever you can. The swing set and sand box have gotten a lot of use this summer. I think you have finally mastered pedaling your tricycle also, but you still love to push your dirt bike around in the driveway and ride your Gator.

For the time being you are still in the crib. You haven't climbed out so I have no wish to switch to a bed just yet. Most nights you goof around for an hour after I close the door so knowing you are safely contained in your bed gives mommy a piece of mind! Bedtime is between 8 and 8:30 depending on our day. Most nights you don't drift off to dreamland until 9:30 or so and sleep until 7. You still take one nap in the afternoon for about 2 hours.

Two's have been pretty mild with you. You are much more laid back than Emma. Not to say you don't have your moments. You have picked up a few phrases from your big sister that are less than desirable such as 'stupid mother' and 'I hate you'. Still trying to tackle this issue and help you to understand that your words have power. We need to use them to build others up, not tear them down. You don't truly understand what you are saying to mommy or how painful it can be, you are simply imitating your big sis. However, we hope to curb the behavior. Each sour moment with you dims in comparison to all the other sweet ones my boy!

It seems like your vocab is growing daily these days. You are very talkative (daddy refers to it as 'verbal diarrhea') and struggle with the letter 's' which I have a hard time correcting! Your little 'yet' for 'yes' is adorable and part of me isn't ready to let that go. Sometimes the tone of voice you use or your little facial expressions crack me up. I love to hear your toddler voice and wish I could bottle these moments for the years to come. Right now I just have to savor each one. Allow you to crawl up onto my lap and cuddle, before you decide you are too old to sit there.

You look up to your daddy and your grandpas. The relationship you have with your sisters changes minute by minute. You miss Emma while she is at school and you have a blast with her when she is home. However you are learning to stand up for yourself and have no qualms about fighting back. We are working on using our {nice} words instead of our hands. You also love your little sister dearly and are starting to play really well with her. Unless she does something you don't like. Then you can be rough with her. You really can be quite affectionate when you want to though. I love nothing more than your sweet sticky hands on my face while you give me a kiss goodnight and tell me, 'I love you so much'. We love you so much little buddy and are thankful for you every day!

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