Saturday, August 30, 2014

SiX YeaRs OLd!

Emma Grace, I can not believe you are six today! Ready to start kindergarten. Brave and thrilled to start new adventures. Without your mommy. I digress...
You are such a sweet, spunky, silly girl. Living each day full of passion. You know what you want and you are sure to let everyone around you know. I pray that you continue to be assertive while learning how to control it, portraying your desires gently without hurting others. You make friends quickly where ever we go. Although sometimes you forget to ask their names :)
I love to see you help people, you have a deep desire for giving and serving. May these traits continue to grow as you do so you may shine like a bright little light for Jesus. There are certainly days where you butt heads continually with your siblings. However, there are far more days when you are quick to tend to a need. You are an awesome big sis!
This is an exciting year for you. Going to school all day, every day. Riding the bus. Eating lunch with friends. You are ready to start, yet a little hesitant. I know you will do fine. You are so smart little love! You already know uppercase and lowercase letters and the sounds they make. We are working sounding out words and learning to spell. On the weekends when daddy is able to tuck you in, you have your 'five minutes' together and you guys work on your math skills.

You love your kittens, dolls and books. Television is a constant battle because you would watch it for hours on end if we allowed it! You love anything princess, especially Frozen these days. Countless hours are spent in the office crafting away. You have an endless imagination and are always coming up with something to share!
You, my dear girl, made me a mommy! I am forever grateful for the blessing you are in our lives. Each day I pray that we continue to teach you of our Savior's unending love and that you may continue to grow and flourish in your faith. Happy birthday sweetheart, we love you!

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