Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

 Sadly, this is the only pic I got of my kiddos for Thanksgiving. We actually had a low key day with just my mom, Joe and the boys, but I never managed to get out my camera. This photo was actually taken with my mom's phone I think. It's too bad too because they looked adorable!

Jason only came Wednesday night to Thursday, but the kids and I stayed a few extra days. We decided to get a jump start on our holiday baking. And really, by we I mean my mom and Emma.They wore cute matching aprons. The smaller version used to be mine. A certain young lady is all about the camera these days so we had to take a few snap shots first. 

As you can see, it quickly got out of control. Grandma also caught this cute boy's mug while he was painting in the bathtub. Pretty sure those crayons are supposed to be for the wall. He decided to adorn a tribal look instead. Looks like he gave grandma a makeover as well.
Meanwhile, we used a giant cake pan to keep the littlest lady happy. As long as we could keep the dogs away from scarfing up vast amounts of cheerios life was good. This allowed me to partake in a little of the baking festivities. Now I have a freezer full of goodies ready for all the Christmas parties on our calendar.

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