Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ringing in the New Year

Last night we had a super low key celebration with our neighbors to celebrate 2015. We had lots of snacks, laughs and all around good time. I love how well our little ones get along too.
This is a whole lot of adorable with a little bit of trouble mixed in :)

Max is such a good buddy, this pic is to precious
I am the only night owl in the group and with a load of littles you don't want to be out late. We had everyone tucked in well before the ball dropped and I didn't even stay up to watch it this year. After a good night of sleep we had a low key day ahead of us.
In the afternoon we met my mom so Emma could go have a sleep over at her house for a few days.
 This is how Emma greeted me in the morning. Jammies still on, backpack packed and ready to go!
 I am so thankful for technology available to us! I was able to tell my sweet girl goodnight via Skype before she called it a night. I know she will have a blast, but it is so weird not having her here to tuck in at night.

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