Saturday, February 7, 2015

Daddy-Daughter Dance 2015

Emma and Daddy headed off to their second Daddy-Daughter Dance last night. Easton was pretty bummed to be left out. They had a great time this year and Emma even danced with Jason. When they went two years ago she wanted nothing to do with him...

 There was some severe disappointment when Emma didn't win a prize basket at the end of the night. They also gave away all the goldfish that were on the tables. She clearly has daddy wrapped around her finger because they made a late night trip to Meijer and came home with this.

Just what I've always wanted! Oh well, she's happy about it. And they made some great memories together!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

18 Months!

 Elissa Joy, you are officially 18 months. My sweet baby disappears a little more each day while adorable toddler continues to immerge. This has been such a hard transition for mommy since you are my last little one!

 About a month after your birthday you started to wobble around on two legs and shortly afterwards you took off running! You vocabulary has taken off as well. The doctor was impressed with how many words you can say. You will repeat pretty much anything you hear.

 You still wear primarily 12 month clothes, but we are using 18 month as well since I have lots of Emma's old clothes. Still same size disposable and rise setting on your cloth butt. Tipping the scale at 19 lbs 4 oz, you continue to prove to be the smallest Klein baby yet.

 We are down to one nursing session before bed- mommy reached her goal for you! I wanted to get you through cold and flu season as much as possible. Sleeping still proves to be a struggle, but we are getting there. Some nights I have to lay on the floor in your room until you settle down or fall asleep. other nights I slowly inch my way to the door until I am out of sight. I try not to let you fuss too much since your sister needs her rest! Hopefully we continue to move in the right direction. We are now down to one nap a day in the afternoon.
 You are obsessed with your rain boots!
Lately you and your brother have become quite the pair. Poor Emma feels left out since she spends a lot of her days at school. Most of the time you get along well together. You still don't like to let mama out of your sight though. Recently you've learned to give out hugs and kisses and you love to dole them out. I adore your little arms wrapped around my neck!