Friday, April 8, 2011

Do Over

You know the kind of days I'm referring to- the ones where things just don't go right and you wish you could hit a rewind button to start over. Or a fast forward to move on to the next day....

I had high hopes for this week, with it being spring break and only needing to watch extra munchkins on Wednesday. I had our whole week mapped out. In the end, very few things on our list took place. For multiple reasons. The biggest one being a certain two year old in our house.

Let me start off by saying that everyone is lacking in the sleep department around here. The trucking business is going well, but it also means late night phone calls. My hubby's nerves are shot. We're in the adjustment period of being new business owners. There are so many things to keep track of, lists that need to be checked off. I am totally a list girl, but it'd be nice for someone to provide that list for me- it's hard to be sure all our bases are covered!

Then there's my little undies sportin' gal. Some days she does great, stays dry all day long. Then there's days where we change clothes, sheets, even my pillowcase. This week has been filled more with the latter. I'm partially to blame for this since I haven't been real strict in the diaper vs undies department. At times she wants nothing to do with undies and at other times that's all she wants to wear. I have let her take the lead, but haven't been so good about following through. There are days when asking her to sit on the potty sends her into a furious tornado of kicking and screaming....

I think we have hit the stage where she is trying to exhibit her independence. If I tell her no, she's going to continue. The speed in which she carries out her misbehavior is phenomenal. For example, yesterday she had the bag of Craisins out for an afternoon snack. When she was all done she asked me to close the bag up for her. As soon as I had it closed and told her to put it away, she said she wanted just one more. When I said no, she had the bag open and a handful of them in her mouth before I could blink.

Twice this week she has peed when I put her in time out- once in my living room chair and once in her bed. As soon as the timer goes off she gets out of time out, comes and apologizes and then tells me she has peed. She's just stating the facts. No remorse at all. Almost like a payback for putting her in time out. That is when I have to take a deep breath, remind myself she is only two, set her on the potty and go clean up the mess left behind.

The biggest problem is I'm a planner. It's not always possible with a toddler in the house. There are going to be surprises, messes, upsets. I have to keep reminding myself it won't be this way forever. And I need to appreciate each day that I have. She won't be two for much longer. The best part of my day is taking her up to bed- not because she is sleeping and I'll have time to myself. I love the snuggling, reading books, singing and saying our prayers before bed. Moments like those are fleeting. I have to cherish every one.

Besides, who couldn't love a mug like this???

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Oh my goodness! i couldn't help but laugh not because it was funny, but because i feel the same way and thought i was only me and my child lol! so glad to hear i am not the only one. Its amazing how much they are changing and growing into there on person. i have to remember to enjoy these times even though they are frustrating sometimes because i know one day she will be a teenager and thats when the fun begins! lol! Hope you have a better week!!