Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break Blues

It has been a rough week over here. I talked up the excitement of spring break and promised lots of fun things in the schedule. I had several free and inexpensive items on my to-do list. There was the perfect plan in my mind of all the fun experiences we were going to have during the week off.

Then in blew sickness for the everyone but me. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful I was avoided in all of this. But sometimes it would just be easier if mommy got sick and everyone else is spared. I mean, let's be honest. I can't sit around and whine while everyone needs don't get met and I always remember to cover my cough and wash my hands after blowing my nose.

Our first big outing of the week sent us to the walk-in clinic in Holland because 2 of the 3 doctors at Lakeshore Peds were in Florida. Of course they were, it's spring break! Truly, no hard feeling here though. They work super hard and deserve a vacation just as much ad the next person. However, do they all have to take off at the same time?!? Sorry, I digress...

Emma woke complaining of an ear ache and she laid on the floor crying for 45 minutes before we left the house. She didn't understand why we had to go to my scheduled OB appointment before she could see the doctor. Hard thing to explain to a little one who doesn't feel good. Easton had been dealing with a cough and icky nose for a week at this point so I figure might as well go for the whole full experience and have both kids seen- too bad insurance companies don't offer a 2 for 1 deal!

Of course once we were in the room with the doctor, my child is suddenly chatty Kathy and looks like the picture of perfect health. Argh, why does this always happen? In the end, both kids were diagnosed with upper respiratory infections and ear aches. The doctor decided Emma was old enough to get by with Tylenol until it cleared up, but gave Easton a script. Cue whiny child who doesn't understand why her brother gets medicine and she does not. Why do they have to make that stuff taste good anyway?

Needless to say, we spent most of our week stuck at home indoors, thanks to disease and cold temperatures. We did have one adventure out to the Fredrick Meijer butterfly gardens with my mom and brothers. The kids loved it, although Easton could only handle so much of the tropical temperatures and crowds just like his momma. We also made a stop at Jesters Court to run out some energy before we headed back home. Here are a few pics from our trip.

Someone is such a poser sometimes- she kept stopping in random placing and asking me to take her picture- who's kid is this anyway?
She was our tour guide with her butterfly map.
Getting a closer look at the caterpillars
Grandma and Easton checking out some butterflies
Easton taking a break from the butterfly hothouse with momma.
We even ventured outside to explore the gardens.
Easton couldn't get down and explore with the big kids, but he was happy to take in nature from his seat in the stoller.
Emma taking a short break from play to say 'cheese' for mommy at Jester's Court
Easton having fun in the inflatables too
Spring break may not have gone according to my perfect plan, but few things do. It was a great reminder to enjoy the small things like renting movies and having picnics in the living room with my little loves. We don't have to do 'big' things to enjoy each other's company. And in the end I believe some of those moments will be the ones we remember most.

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