Tuesday, April 1, 2014

8 Months

We haven't had an 'big' events this month, but we manage to stay quite busy every day! Thank goodness you continue to be such a content little lady and just roll with it. Nothing gets you too worked up, unless you are super sleepy. Then you tend to pull your hair and it makes look crazy!

You have manage to sit on your own a little more, but tend to struggle to maintain that position. Typically you only last for a minute or two before flopping to one side or the other. You still love to sit and watch your siblings. It's wonderful most of the time except when it gets to be a distraction and I'm trying to get you to eat.

Currently you eat a size 2 jar of baby food (or the equivalent of) along won't some finger foods at each meal. You love puffs, but have a hard time getting the little things in your mouth. I also started giving you Mum Mums which are oblong rice cakes. They are a favorite because you can eat them on your own. Win-win! You usually nurse before each meal, once before I go to bed and once in the middle of the night.

You are mostly on the mid-rise for you diapers and a size 3 when I use disposables. Still in six months clothing. You continue to be a petite little thing. Mommy is okay with that- I'm not ready for you to keep growing!
Your brother and sister love you to pieces and so do we sweet girl!

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