Thursday, October 23, 2014

Family Photos

 We finally had our family photos updated in August. Or the kids' photos rather. The hubs isn't a fan of having his picture taken and it's hard for him to find time with the exception of a Sunday. I decided not to push this issue this time around. I needed to at least get updated pics of the kids though, since the last time they were taken was right after Elissa was born. I have a mommy friend who is an uber talented photographer so I signed up for one of her mini sessions back in August. Both of us being busy mommies, I recently got them back. Poor Felicia worked hard for every shot.

 Easton wanted to play in the rocks, Elissa wanted to eat them and Emma simply didn't want to have her pictures taken.

While we were packing up and chatting in the parking lot Felicia captured these last few gems. They depict my busy, chaotic free spirited little peeps perfectly!

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