Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween {2014}

Halloween was a long day. It started out like this:
 And this was the crew by midday. No one wanted a picture taken, they were sick of trying on costumes for final tweaks and they were just plain crabby.

I had to resort to taking individual shots of them in their Halloween garb. Even then they were not perfect, but at least I have something!

By time dusk rolled around it was sleeting out. We took a few quick photos and put on lots of layers.
Due to the weather conditions we didn't make it far. Thankfully we were able to cruise the neighborhood in grandma's golf cart so it made things a little more tolerable. You know it was miserable out when Emma asked to go home. She is her mommy's daughter- it would take a lot for her to miss out on free chocolate!

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