Wednesday, January 14, 2015

365 Moments of Peace Review

I have been looking for a devotional that I would enjoy. One that I would want to reach for each morning, not simply because I had to, but because it spoke to me. Something that I could glean information from that would be applicable in my day to day life. And let's be honest here, as a mom of three active little ones, it needed to be brief. When this devotional came across my email I knew I needed to give it a shot.
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I love the brief daily devotions. Each one includes a devotion that is about a paragraph long, two bibles verses and a short prayer. I wish they had used the same translation for all the verses. However, that is pretty minor and just a personal preference. I have been reading it for about a week now and really enjoy it. Most of the topics are easy to relate to. It isn't a struggle to read every day either. I am thankful for one more way to dig deeper into God's word!

Thanks to Bethany House publishers who sent me a free copy. It is not required that I give a positive review, but to express my own opinions of this book

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