Friday, September 7, 2012

Seven Months

You are seven months old now my littlest love! This month has brought lots of changes for our household- Emma started school, mommy is watching Aiden and Gavin again and the weather has done a sudden switch from summer to fall. You are accepting the turn of events and taking it all in stride. Our days have not seemed to slow down like I anticipated, but rather continue to be go, go, go.

Gone are the days of a stationary baby in our home. When I set you down on the floor you do not stay in that spot for long. Full fledged crawling will begin any day now I'm sure. It drives your daddy crazy that you are not sitting up on your own, but mommy knows that you have no desire to sit in one place for any amount of time. You get that trait straight from your daddy so he should understand!
Sometimes mommy has to contain you!
I believe you are hovering right around the 16 pound mark weight-wise. You are long and skinny just like your daddy and papa Klein. Your cloth diapers are still on the mid-rise setting, but mommy finally broke down and we're using disposable (size 3) at night for the time being. We started to have problems with leaking and we have some 'sposies left over from our camping trips so I figure we need to use them up anyways. We'll tackle the problem when we run out.

You've switched to six months clothes since the temperatures have dropped, but I haven't put away some of your three month stuff in hopes that we may need it again for a heat wave (wishful thinking, I know). Don't get me wrong, I love the cooler weather and all, but I'm not quite ready for the coming months when we're stuck inside.

You are nursing 5-7 times a day with one serving of fruit around lunch time and one serving of veggies during dinner. You love almost everything with the exception of green beans and peas. Those you tend to gag on. We'll keep working on it! You also love Gerber puffs and have some almost every day. Self feeding is a struggle still, but you want to do it on your own so badly. At this point there's not a ton of things I'm comfortable giving you without teeth, so the puffs are perfect since they dissolve quickly. We tried a sippy cup too, but you mostly used it as a teething toy.

Some days you get three 45 minute cat naps and other days you only get one long nap. You are finally doing 9 hour stretches at night, but it took a few sleepless nights and lots of tears on both our parts to get there. Typically you go down around 7:30 and are up for the day at 7:30 with one feeding around 4:30. You've been a little out of whack again lately, but that is primarily due to a new tooth coming through.

I spotted the culprit this morning in fact. Right before we are heading out of town for Lindsey's wedding you decided it was finally time to cut a tooth. This may be a very long weekend indeed.

I forgot how much fun this stage is! You love to interact with everyone around you, bringing smiles to many. We love you so much happy boy!

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