Saturday, November 24, 2012

Living Under Construction

If it wasn't bad enough that some walls have been torn down, floors being refinished, bathrooms out of commission now the outside is being up heaved too.
 Jason had a driveway put in so the semi could be parked next to the house. We were paying rent to have it parked in Overisel, but now that we have the space it just makes sense to bring it closer to home.

While the grass is destroyed and it's all a muddy mess it reminds me of how I am not in control. It's all in God's hands; every last bit. So the house is a disaster; it won't always be that way. We'll get there eventually. It's just not worth stressing over! Some how my neat, orderly self struggles with that one a bit :)
It's also amazing to see how much we can live without. While we are now able to utilize about half off the house- the main floor is essentially done with the exception of some paint touch ups and the bathroom. However our bedrooms are all going to be upstairs so we're all inhabiting temporary quarters for the time being. Emma is still in the playroom, Easton has been moved to the office and the hubs and I have taken over the future guest room.

Basically, the only room that has been completely unpacked is the kitchen. Our basement and garage are still packed with boxes and furniture. Not only is it so obnoxious to have to dig through a hundred boxes to find something it's also made me think, 'Why do we have all this stuff?' We've been living without it for almost a month now. Do we really need it? As I gear up to unpack in the near future, I have a feeling there will be a few loads being dropped off at Love Inc. as well as more garage sale boxes. Just because we have a bigger house doesn't mean I need to fill every nook and cranny!

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