Monday, July 29, 2013

End of a Chapter

Well, our last weekend as a family of four has drawn to a close. Crazy to think that next weekend there will be one more little person added to our crew! Exciting and terrifying all at the same time...

Saturday night we spent the evening at the fair, watching the demo derby and taking in the sights. Easton was enthralled with the cars zooming and crashing around the track. Emma, on the other hand, can only be entertained for so long. She was up and down, round and round for the last half hour of viewing. Did I mention we only watched for an hour?!? The promise of a snack afterwards greatly contributed to this issue I'm afraid.

We had to get our customary one ride in as well.
 Once we set the children loose they ran from barn to barn, exploring the animals within. Easton loved the chickens and bunnies. The cows petrified him though. He was okay looking from a distance, but he was not getting close to them. One little moo and he was scurrying for daddy's arms. He was most content at the wheel of a John Deere though- like father like son :)

We had hoped to head to Sandy Pines to stay the night, but the rain and cool temps kept us home. Sunday afternoon we spent the afternoon with my in-laws to celebrate all the summer birthdays. The rest of the day got away from us between naps, meal time and home improvement projects. We didn't get to partake in all the big events we had planned, but it was wonderful to have a laid back weekend as a family before chaos sets in!

Harvest Hill Trucking also completed it's last run this past week. It was a good venture, but we recently stopped hauling livestock and we were leasing with another company. It turned out not to be as profitable as we had hoped. Jason and I are both sad to see it go, but relieved at the same time. One less thing to tend to on our plates as our family grows.

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