Monday, September 23, 2013

A {Busy} Fall Weekend

We were blessed to have an entire weekend with my grandparents who came up from Arkansans to meet Elissa. Friday night they watched the older two so we could go out for Jason's birthday- dinner at 5 Guys and then some shopping at Lowes. He's really living it up these days :)

Saturday we loaded up the van to pick apples at Cranes. It was a zoo! The kiddos loved running up and down the rows of apple trees. Thankfully I dressed them in bright colors so they were easy to spot! 40+ pounds later we were ready to go, not to mention the pound or so we ate...

From there we hit Subway to take to the ODC. We had a picnic and then walked some of the trails. Emma was able to show Bumpa and Gigi her new school. We covered a lot of ground. Grandpa also had to ride in the third row with Emma in our van so he got to tell lots of stories.

I loved listening to the stories I heard as a little girl and see the tradition being passed on to another generation. Unfortunately for Grandpa Emma is a very good listener (when she wants to be). She was correcting him when he told the pink gorilla story for the hundredth time because he didn't get it just right. 

Sunday we went to church and had lunch together before they had to hit the trail again for their 12 hour trip home. So glad we were able to spend time with them. Memories were made. Fun was had. Life is good!

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