Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Day of Preschool

On Monday, Elissa and I joined Emma for her first day of school. It was set up like an open house and the parents were asked to join their children. I think the intention was to ease the kids into their new setting as well as give the adults a glimpse into the school day.

Emma was not one who needed assistance- I was told to stay home. She did NOT need me along. I explained that it wasn't a choice though. Easton got to stay home and have one-on-one time with aunt Jessica.

Now on days when I drop Emma off and try to accomplish something that 2.5 hour time frame flies by. However, when you're there to observe that same time slot it goes Emma took in her surroundings with abandon and quickly left my sided to play.
She knows several kids in her class well so that surely helps. The first hour of their day is free choice outside. As long as she's dressed to get dirty, she loves playing outdoors. She spent most of her time in the sandbox digging with her buddy Gavin.

On Wednesday was her first 'real' day of school and she loved it. She told me she spent all her time at school playing outside and in the classroom. That's it. We didn't learn anything she said with a big grin on her face. Oh, you're learning baby, whether you know it or not ;)

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