Sunday, November 10, 2013

Baby Sprinkle

I got the chance to host a baby sprinkle for a dear friend who is expecting an unexpected blessing in January. It was such a blast and I love how everything turned out.

They do not know babe's gender so we had a little pink and blue :)
I think I may be a *bit* obsessed with pinwheels

Cute little favors for guests.

I might add that I couldn't have accomplished all this with out my mom's assistance. She helped with a lot of the details and managed my kiddos for the morning while I prepped for the shower. A lot of the guests offered to bring food as well which was so sweet and super appreciated!

I'm bummed I didn't get more pics of the actual event, but nap time finished in the middle and they wanted to join the festivities. That makes this momma a little more frazzled and less on the ball in regards to things like pictures.

What a wonderful afternoon surrounded by awesome ladies to celebrate this amazing momma and her sweet babe. Can't wait to meet Meiste #4!

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